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Drew Silver


Drew Silver has spent over twenty years studying the martial arts and mastering various weapons including the Sai, Nunchucks, and Kamas. Silver is a huge fan of the classic vampire that began when she saw the original Dracula movie staring Bela Lugosi. Inspired by observing the similarities between our lives and that of vampires, Silver's Vampire series was born. "Vampires seek power, wealth, beauty, and eternal life. Most of us seek that as well and would do whatever we could to get it." Wanting to keep the excitement of the vampire realm alive in old fans and attract new ones, Silver intertwined the past and present in a feasible way with modern themes of science and DNA manipulation.

Silver's combined education and experience in law enforcement, martial arts, and a lifelong attraction to horror themes provided a wealth of knowledge to pull from in this fast-paced series. With her captivating writing style and talent for observation, she is reawakening the slumbering expectations of vampire fans everywhere.

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